Mission Statement
 "In partnership with the community, we will make the most of every day for every student by empowering them with the skills, knowledge, values and opportunities to thrive."

  -- Mr. Richard Stokes, Superintendent

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Employee Name E-mail Address Position Site
Abbie, Richard rabbie@carson.k12.nv.us  Head Custodian Fremont ES
Ackerman, Todd tackerman@carson.k12.nv.us  Algebra I, Computer Literacy, Athletic Cond Carson HS
Adams, Catherine cadams@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Aglietti, Natalie naglietti@carson.k12.nv.us  6th Grade English Carson MS
Aguilera Ortiz, Elvia eortiz@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional - ESL - Title I Empire ES
Aikins, Carolyn caikins@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Carson HS
Akerley, Martina makerley@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Fremont ES
Akers, Carolina cakers@carson.k12.nv.us  Administrative Secretary II Operations
Albertson, Janice jalbertson@carson.k12.nv.us  Director Support Services Student Support Services
Aldrich, Margery maldrich@carson.k12.nv.us  SFA Facilitator Fritsch ES
Allison, Rhonda rallison@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Fremont ES
Allred, Evelyn eallred@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Empire ES
Alvarado, Angela aalvarado@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Fritsch ES
Alvarado, Johnny jalvarado@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Carson HS
Ammerman, Julie jammerman@carson.k12.nv.us  Office Specialist Mark Twain ES
Andries, Shawnette sandries@carson.k12.nv.us  RN Bordewich/Bray ES
Ansotegui, Lisa lansotegui@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fremont ES
Apalategui, Denise dapalategui@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Arbour, Stacy sarbour@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional III Mark Twain ES
Archuleta, Harold harchuleta@carson.k12.nv.us  Lead Custodian III Carson HS
Arnett, Chris carnett@carson.k12.nv.us  Psychologist Student Support Services
Arnold, Kim karnold@carson.k12.nv.us  Administrative Secretary II Carson HS
Arnote, Joseph jarnote@carson.k12.nv.us  ESL Carson HS
Arrevillaga, Manuela marrevillaga@carson.k12.nv.us  School Safety Officer Carson HS
Arroyo, Miriam marroyo@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Mark Twain ES
Arthur Towns, Janice jarthur@carson.k12.nv.us  Director Management Information Administration
Atchian, Catherine catchian@carson.k12.nv.us  Senior Office Specialist Carson HS
Atkinson, Phyllis patkinson@carson.k12.nv.us  8th Grade Science Carson MS
Austin, Laura laustin@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Mark Twain ES
Awa, Amos aawa@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Ayala, Magdalena mayala@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I - PreK Empire ES
Bacon, Mark mbacon@carson.k12.nv.us  Assistant Principal Empire ES
Bacon, Wendy wbacon@carson.k12.nv.us  EMT Carson HS
Bailey, Rick rbailey@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Baker, Robert rbaker@carson.k12.nv.us   ROTC Carson HS
Balderson, Julie jbalderson@carson.k12.nv.us  Inst Asst IV for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Support Services
Baltzell, Darlene dbaltzell@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Barajas Mejorado, Silvia sbarajas@carson.k12.nv.us  Office Specialist Empire ES
Barbarigos, Kristine kbarbarigos@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Empire ES
Barbie, Billy bbarbie@carson.k12.nv.us  Auto Tech Carson HS
Barbie, Cathy cbarbie@carson.k12.nv.us  7th/8th Grade Social Studies Eagle Valley MS
Barnes, Bruce bbarnes@carson.k12.nv.us  Prison Education  Prison Education System
Barnett, Jacqueline jbarnett@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Bateman, Robert bbateman@carson.k12.nv.us  Physical Education, Athletic Director Carson HS
Batt, Larry lbatt@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Carson HS
Batt, Maria mbatt@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Mark Twain ES
Batten, Denise dbatten@carson.k12.nv.us  Kindergarten Fremont ES
Baum, Paula pbaum@carson.k12.nv.us  Pre K Mark Twain ES
Bean Jr, James jbean@carson.k12.nv.us  Astromony, Discovery Science, Physics Carson HS
Beaudette, Richard rbeaudette@carson.k12.nv.us  Head Custodian Carson MS
Beck, Ronald rbeck@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Carson HS
Been, Erin ebeen@carson.k12.nv.us  Health Carson HS
Bell, Brenna bbell@carson.k12.nv.us  English, Rhetoric Carson HS
Beltrami, Elizabeth lbeltrami@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Benedetti, Cindy cbenedetti@carson.k12.nv.us  Inst Asst IV for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Carson HS
Bennett, Genean gbennett@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Fritsch ES
Bennett, Karen kbennett@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Seeliger ES
Bensmiller, Kristin kbensmiller@carson.k12.nv.us  6th Grade Math Carson MS
Benson, Bonnie bbenson@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fritsch ES
Berning, Rhonda rberning@carson.k12.nv.us  6th Grade Math Carson MS
Berry III, Virgil vberry@carson.k12.nv.us  Skilled Building Maintenance - Cabinet Maker Operations
Best, Jane jbest@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Carson HS
Bianchi, Karen kbianchi@carson.k12.nv.us  CLS/Special Education Carson HS
Bigler, Paul pbigler@carson.k12.nv.us  Senior Groundskeeper Operations
Billhimer, Helen hbillhimer@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade Math Carson MS
Billings, Joseph jbillings@carson.k12.nv.us  8th Grade Science Eagle Valley MS
Blake, Jennifer jblake@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I - Title I Mark Twain ES
Bleuss, Robin rbleuss@carson.k12.nv.us  High Tech Center Coordinator Carson HS
Blodgett, Debra dblodgett@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Carson HS
Bobula, Tearra tbobula@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Mark Twain ES
Boether, Nerissa nboether@carson.k12.nv.us  Senior Office Specialist II Student Support Services
Boltz, Tiffany tboltz@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Fremont ES
Bond, Susan sbond@carson.k12.nv.us  Cafeteria Manager Carson MS
Borgman, Pamela pborgman@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Student Support Services
Bourne, Christina cbourne@carson.k12.nv.us  Music Empire ES
Bouthillier, Shelina sbouthillier@carson.k12.nv.us  ESL Mark Twain ES
Brady, Phillip pbrady@carson.k12.nv.us  English, Science Fiction Carson HS
Brady, Stacie sbrady@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Mark Twain ES
Branch, Brian bbranch@carson.k12.nv.us  Algebra I Carson HS
Breeden, Teresa tbreeden@carson.k12.nv.us  Computer Lab, Art Foundations Carson HS
Breen, Susan sbreen@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Fritsch ES
Brewer, Roxie rbrewer@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Bridges, Sheila sbridges@carson.k12.nv.us  RN Fremont ES
Brigham, Nathan nbrigham@carson.k12.nv.us  SFA Facilitator Empire ES
Brill, Jon jbrill@carson.k12.nv.us  Music Eagle Valley MS
Britt, Ann abritt@carson.k12.nv.us  Physical Education, Health Carson HS
Britt, Kristina kbritt@carson.k12.nv.us  Speech Therapist Bordewich/Bray ES
Brown, Anthony abrown@carson.k12.nv.us  Science Pioneer High/OPP School
Brown, Daniel dbrown@carson.k12.nv.us  Assistant Principal Fremont ES
Brown, Katheryn kbrown@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Carson MS
Brown, Lynette lbrown@carson.k12.nv.us  American Literature, English Carson HS
Browning, Lorita lbrowning@carson.k12.nv.us  3rd Grade Fremont ES
Brugger, Carol cbrugger@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Fremont ES
Brugger, Samaria sbrugger@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Eagle Valley MS
Bruneau, Paula pbruneau@carson.k12.nv.us  Cafeteria Manager Eagle Valley MS
Bruntz, Carla cbruntz@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Fremont ES
Brush, Bridget bbrush@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Burchiel, Todd tburchiel@carson.k12.nv.us  Computer Lab Mark Twain ES
Burdett, Marlana mburdett@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Empire ES
Burgoon, Tamitha tburgoon@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Carson HS
Burks, Ben bburks@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Carson HS
Burt, Charles cburt@carson.k12.nv.us  Juvenile Detention Pioneer High/OPP School
Bushey, Gail gbushey@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade Science Carson MS
Butler, Carrie cbutler@carson.k12.nv.us  Autism/Special Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Butler, Rodney rbutler@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade Math Carson MS
Butson, Christine cbutson@carson.k12.nv.us  ESL Administrator PDC
Cacioppo, Michele mcacioppo@carson.k12.nv.us  Kindergarten Bordewich/Bray ES
Cadwell, Alison acadwell@carson.k12.nv.us  American Government, World History Carson HS
Callahan, Corinne ccallahan@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fritsch ES
Caloiaro, Ruthlee rcaloiaro@carson.k12.nv.us  Assistant Principal Mark Twain ES
Campbell Richards, Ananda acampbell@carson.k12.nv.us  Counselor Carson MS
Campbell, Donna dcampbell@carson.k12.nv.us  Librarian Eagle Valley MS
Camper, Joshua jcamper@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Carson HS
Canavan, Sandra scanavan@carson.k12.nv.us  RN Carson MS
Cantley, Teresa tcantley@carson.k12.nv.us  Administrative Secretary II Student Support Services
Carey, Lacey lcarey@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Fritsch ES
Carr, Victoria vcarr@carson.k12.nv.us  Instructional Assistant IV Carson MS
Carter, Paul pcarter@carson.k12.nv.us  Physical Education Carson MS
Casselman, Gary gcasselman@carson.k12.nv.us  Discovery Science Carson HS
Castro, Jennifer jcastro@carson.k12.nv.us  LD/Special Education Carson HS
Catron, Alan acatron@carson.k12.nv.us  Music Bordewich/Bray ES
Caufield, Patrick pcaufield@carson.k12.nv.us  Spanish Carson HS
Cavanaugh, Beverly bcavanaugh@carson.k12.nv.us  ESL Fritsch ES
Cavener, Shanell scavener@carson.k12.nv.us  Algebra I, Geometry Carson HS
Chamberlin, Brian bchamberlin@carson.k12.nv.us  LD/Special Education Pioneer High/OPP School
Chambers, Amanda achambers@carson.k12.nv.us  Counselor Carson HS
Chambers, Robert bchambers@carson.k12.nv.us  Dean of Students Carson HS
Chandler, Jennifer jchandler@carson.k12.nv.us  American Government, World History Carson HS
Charles, Angelina acharles@carson.k12.nv.us  Cafeteria Manager Carson HS
Charles, Stephen scharles@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Carson HS
Chatwood, Paula pchatwood@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Carson HS
Chenin, Sherri schenin@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fremont ES
Chew Mc Carty, Lorna lmccarty@carson.k12.nv.us  English Carson HS
Chiazza, Kellie kchiazza@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I Fremont ES
Childers, Deborah dchilders@carson.k12.nv.us  Transportation Dept Supervisor Transportation
Childs, Cathleen cchilds@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional III Bordewich/Bray ES
Childs, Joseph jchilds@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Christl, Robyn rchristl@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional III Mark Twain ES
Churchill, Roger rchurchill@carson.k12.nv.us  Counselor Empire ES
Clark, Darryl dclark@carson.k12.nv.us   Reading Fremont ES
Clark, Joseph jclark@carson.k12.nv.us  8th Grade Science Carson MS
Clark, Justin jpclark@carson.k12.nv.us  School Safety Officer Carson HS
Cohen, Kimberly kcohen@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Seeliger ES
Colato, Scott scolato@carson.k12.nv.us  LD/Special Education Carson MS
Cole, Nancy ncole@carson.k12.nv.us  3rd Grade Empire ES
Collier, Kimberly kmcollier@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I - Title I Mark Twain ES
Collier, Virginia vcollier@carson.k12.nv.us  3rd Grade Seeliger ES
Conger, Michele mconger@carson.k12.nv.us  Kindergarten (All Day) Empire ES
Conley, Lee lconley@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Eagle Valley MS
Conn Roberts, Jolie jconn@carson.k12.nv.us  Administrative Assistant Administration
Cook, Carolyn ccook@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fremont ES
Cook, Stephen scook@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Fremont ES
Cook, Tedra tcook@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade English Carson MS
Cooley, Rick rcooley@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Carson HS
Cooper, Barbara bcooper@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Cooper, Christina ccooper@carson.k12.nv.us  Coordinator of Nutritional Services Operations
Copado, Liliana lcopado@carson.k12.nv.us  ESL Carson HS
Copeland, Barbara bcopeland@carson.k12.nv.us  RN Eagle Valley MS
Copeland, Lisa lcopeland@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Seeliger ES
Corda, Elizabeth ecorda@carson.k12.nv.us  1st Grade Fremont ES
Correlli, Jennifer jcorrelli@carson.k12.nv.us  Reading Fritsch ES
Cortez, J renae rcortez@carson.k12.nv.us  Executive Board Administrative Assistant Administration
Council, Jill jcouncil@carson.k12.nv.us  Distance Education Coordinator Pioneer High/OPP School
Cowan, Julie jcowan@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Cowperthwaite, Pamela pcowperthwaite@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Fremont ES
Cox, Leslie lcox@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Carson HS
Cox, Teresa tcox@carson.k12.nv.us  Senior Office Specialist II Student Support Services
Cox, Timothy tdcox@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Craft, Cathy ccraft@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Carson HS
Crickon, Vicki vcrickon@carson.k12.nv.us  6th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Crittenden, Amy acrittenden@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Crittenden, Jordan jcrittenden@carson.k12.nv.us  Computer Lab Bordewich/Bray ES
Crookshanks, Chelise ccrookshanks@carson.k12.nv.us  STEM/Smart Lab/Technology Carson MS
Croskery, Lisa lcroskery@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade Math Carson MS
Crozier, Debra dcrozier@carson.k12.nv.us  Kindergarten Mark Twain ES
Csiga, Linda lcsiga@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Seeliger ES
Csiga, Sarah scsiga@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Empire ES
Cunningham, Joyce jcunningham@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Empire ES
Curnes, Kevin kcurnes@carson.k12.nv.us  Manager - Department of Safety Services Administration
Curtis, Cecelia ccurtis@carson.k12.nv.us  Account Technician Administration
Dain, Ernest edain@carson.k12.nv.us  English Carson HS
Daniels, Sandra sdaniels@carson.k12.nv.us  Interpreter Student Support Services
Davies, Paula pdavies@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Fritsch ES
Davis, H matthew hmdavis@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Davis, Margo mdavis@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I Empire ES
Davis, Michael modavis@carson.k12.nv.us  Custodian Fremont ES
De leon, Jose jdeleon@carson.k12.nv.us  Psychologist Student Support Services
Deacy, Duncan ddeacy@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Dedmon, Jennifer jdedmon@carson.k12.nv.us  7th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Dejoseph, Kinkade kdejoseph@carson.k12.nv.us  5th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Delfin, Jose jdelfin@carson.k12.nv.us  Associate Superintendent - Human Resources Administration
Delgado, Marisol mdelgado@carson.k12.nv.us  Office Specialist PDC
Dent, Rhiannon rdent@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional I Fremont ES
Detloff, Genevieve gdetloff@carson.k12.nv.us   Psychologist Student Support Services
Di Marzo, Denise ddimarzo@carson.k12.nv.us  Office Manager Empire ES
Dickens, Kathy kdickens@carson.k12.nv.us  Cook/Baker Bordewich/Bray ES
Dickens, William wdickens@carson.k12.nv.us  Head Custodian Bordewich/Bray ES
Dilger, Kathryn kdilger@carson.k12.nv.us  8th Grade US History Carson MS
Dilley, Steven sdilley@carson.k12.nv.us  Discovery Science, Physical Education Carson HS
Dobson, Sundee sdobson@carson.k12.nv.us  Cafeteria Manager Seeliger ES
Dockery, Valerie vdockery@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Bordewich/Bray ES
Dodge, Brenda bdodge@carson.k12.nv.us  RN Student Support Services
Donaldson, Christine cdonaldson@carson.k12.nv.us  Kindergarten Fritsch ES
Dority, Laurel ldority@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Doucette, Michael mdoucette@carson.k12.nv.us  3rd Grade Fritsch ES
Dove, Henry hdove@carson.k12.nv.us  Bus Driver Transportation
Doyle, Dorothea ddoyle@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Mark Twain ES
Draper, Dorothy ddraper@carson.k12.nv.us  Counselor Fremont ES
Drolet, Laura ldrolet@carson.k12.nv.us  Early Childhood Student Support Services
Drozdoff, Susan sdrozdoff@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra I, Geometry, Trigonometry Carson HS
Dunbar, Jessica jdunbar@carson.k12.nv.us  2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Dundas, Marilyn mdundas@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Bordewich/Bray ES
Dunning, Beth bdunning@carson.k12.nv.us  Administrative Secretary Administration
Dziabo, Michael mdziabo@carson.k12.nv.us Equipment Mechanic Transportation
Easby, Diana deasby@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Fritsch ES
Eberle, Denise deberle@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Eckery, Katrina keckery@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Edgington, Janice jedgington@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Seeliger ES
Edwards, Gayle gedwards@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Empire ES
Elam, Janice jelam@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Elder, Debra delder@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra I Carson HS
Ellington, Hazel hellington@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Empire ES
Elliott, Koni kelliott@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Bordewich/Bray ES
Ellis, Kevin kellis@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Fremont ES
Elverum, Kathryn kdelverum@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Empire ES
Emond, Francine femond@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Espinoza Durand, Rosario respinoza@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL - Title I Empire ES
Estes, Michael mestes@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Empire ES
Estes, Vickie vestes@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant IV Carson HS
Estrada, Kristine kestrada@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Etchison, Rosemarie retchison@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Mark Twain ES
Evans, Lyndsay levans@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Evans, Randall revans@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Fagundes, Nicole nfagundes@carson.k12.nv.us World History Carson HS
Falkowski, Judy jfalkowski@carson.k12.nv.us Accountant Administration
Fallini Jackson, Corrina cfallini@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Fallon, Ellen efallon@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Pre Algebra, Algebra I Carson MS
Fallon, Kevin kfallon@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Carson MS
Farnham, Susan sfarnham@carson.k12.nv.us Registrar Carson HS
Farnworth, Cody cfarnworth@carson.k12.nv.us Anatomy, Discovery Science Carson HS
Felte, Ann afelte@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson MS
Ferguson, Tiffany tferguson@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Ficken, Larry lficken@carson.k12.nv.us School Safety Worker Carson HS
Fine, Deanna dfine@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Mark Twain ES
Finn, Kerri kfinn@carson.k12.nv.us EMT Fremont ES
Fitzgerald, Ann afitzgerald@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Fremont ES
Flannagan, Franklin fflannagan@carson.k12.nv.us Computer, Math Prison Education System
Fleming, Dana dfleming@carson.k12.nv.us Drama Carson HS
Fletcher, Cheri cfletcher@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Trainer Transportation
Fletcher, Valori vfletcher@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Eagle Valley MS
Flynn, Patrick pflynn@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Seeliger ES
Foerster, Betty bfoerster@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab, Business Carson HS
Foley, Deanne dfoley@carson.k12.nv.us RN Fritsch ES
Foltz, Myrna mfoltz@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten (All Day) Empire ES
Fontes, Tanya tfontes@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fritsch ES
Ford, James jford@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Ford, Regina rford@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Fritsch ES
Forero, Ana aforero@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Carson HS
Foster, Judy jfoster@carson.k12.nv.us SFA Facilitator Mark Twain ES
Foster, Mary mfoster@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Empire ES
Fotinakis, Maria mfotinakis@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Empire ES
Frank, Philip pfrank@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson MS
Fransen, Nancy nfransen@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Administration
Franz, James jfranz@carson.k12.nv.us American Government, Martial Arts Carson HS
Freitas, Merissa mfreitas@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Bordewich/Bray ES
Frenna, Ingrid ifrenna@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Empire ES
Frey, Jon jefrey@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Empire ES
Fronapfel, Connie cfronapfel@carson.k12.nv.us Library Media Technician Seeliger ES
Fruth, Thomas tfruth@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Seeliger ES
Galloway, Heather hgalloway@carson.k12.nv.us RN Mark Twain ES
Gardin, Julie jgardin@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Eagle Valley MS
Gardner, Mark mgardner@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Empire ES
Garey, Mary mgarey@carson.k12.nv.us Principal Fritsch ES
Garrett, Carol cgarrett@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant IV Carson HS
Geiser, Kathie kgeiser@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Genescritti, Jo ann jgenescritti@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Carson HS
Gentner, Junko jgentner@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fritsch ES
George, Randall rgeorge@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Geraets Rauh, Jacqueline jrauh@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Fremont ES
Gilbert, Stacy sgilbert@carson.k12.nv.us Administration Office Specialist Administration
Gilles, Kathleen cgilles@carson.k12.nv.us Principal Fremont ES
Gillilan, Marianna mgillilan@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Girdner, Joseph jgirdner@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Principal Carson HS
Girdner, Nathan ngirdner@carson.k12.nv.us Geometry, Proficiency Math Carson HS
Giurlani, Tamara tgiurlani@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Mark Twain ES
Glenn, Elena eglenn@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra II Carson HS
Godec, Lance lgodec@carson.k12.nv.us Auto Body Carson HS
Golik, Angila agolik@carson.k12.nv.us American Government, Sociology Carson HS
Gomez, Jose jgomez@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Bordewich/Bray ES
Gomez, Marvelee mgomez@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Carson MS
Gonzales, Joedee jgonzales@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Seeliger ES
Gordon, Krystle kgordon@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fremont ES
Gotchy, Paula pgotchy@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Fritsch ES
Graham, Carolyn cgraham@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Seeliger ES
Greb, Jeffery jgreb@carson.k12.nv.us English Carson HS
Greenberg, Shawn sgreenberg@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Greener, Grace ggreener@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Carson HS
Greener, Jessica jgreener@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary II Administration
Greenlee, Wade wgreenlee@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Math, Pre Algebra Carson MS
Griffith, Veronica vgriffith@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Seeliger ES
Grigsby, Brenda bgrigsby@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Bordewich/Bray ES
Grunert, Susan sgrunert@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson HS
Guevara, Rebecca rguevara@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Bordewich/Bray ES
Guggia, Barbara bguggia@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Guzzetta, Sandra sguzzetta@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Student Support Services
Haas, Kathryn khaas@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade English Carson MS
Hagar, Jared jhagar@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Hagen, Andrew ahagen@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Science Eagle Valley MS
Hagen, Lisa lhagen@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Mark Twain ES
Hale, Dianne dhale@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Fritsch ES
Hallinan, Sharon shallinan@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Eagle Valley MS
Halverson, Cherie chalverson@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Transition Employment Specialist Carson HS
Hammerstaedt, Mary mhammerstaedt@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson HS
Hampton, Carl champton@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Eagle Valley MS
Handley, Jacqueline jhandley@carson.k12.nv.us Administration Office Specialist Operations
Hannah, James jhannah@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Fritsch ES
Hannah, Jim jnhannah@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Hannon, Sydney shannon@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Seeliger ES
Hansen, Jeff jphansen@carson.k12.nv.us Equipment Mechanic Transportation
Harmer, Dale dharmer@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Fremont ES
Harris, Misty mharris@carson.k12.nv.us Health Carson HS
Harris Laaker, Kelly klaaker@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Hart Fullilove, Letitia lhart@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Mark Twain ES
Hartley, Deborah dhartley@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Seeliger ES
Hartz, Tamara thartz@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Student Support Services
Hatch, Gregory ghatch@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Hazard, John jhazard@carson.k12.nv.us Spanish Carson HS
Hazard, Noel nhazard@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Math Eagle Valley MS
Heath, Beverly bheath@carson.k12.nv.us Cafeteria Manager Bordewich/Bray ES
Hebert, Gail ghebert@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Carson MS
Heimerdinger, Sharon sheimerdinger@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Mark Twain ES
Heinz, Gina gheinz@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Administration
Helfrick, Sandra shelfrick@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Science Carson MS
Hellman, Karen khellman@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fritsch ES
Helton, Dolores dhelton@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Hendee, Nicole nhendee@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson MS
Henrie, Amelia ahenrie@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Henrie, Susan shenrie@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Seeliger ES
Henry, Lindsey lhenry@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Empire ES
Hernandez, Maria chernandez@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Pioneer High/OPP School
Hickenbottom, Kim khickenbottom@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Fritsch ES
Hixenbaugh, Linda lhixenbaugh@carson.k12.nv.us Biology Carson HS
Hodorowicz, Annette ahodorowicz@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Hoffman, Susan shoffman@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade English Carson MS
Hogan, Kelly khogan@carson.k12.nv.us American Government, US History Carson HS
Holden, William wholden@carson.k12.nv.us Juvenile Detention Pioneer High/OPP School
Holderman, Denise dholderman@carson.k12.nv.us SFA Facilitator Bordewich/Bray ES
Holland, Lisa lholland@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Fritsch ES
Holloway, Rhonda rholloway@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Honkomp, Carole chonkomp@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Hope, Maris mhope@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Hoppe, Gina ghoppe@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fritsch ES
Hornemann, Tara thornemann@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Seeliger ES
Horvath, Carrie chorvath@carson.k12.nv.us Psychologist Student Support Services
Hostler, Robert rhostler@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Carson MS
Houk ii, William whouk@carson.k12.nv.us US & World History Carson HS
Houlihan, Patrick phoulihan@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Principal Carson HS
Howard, Alisha ahoward@carson.k12.nv.us Autism/Special Education Carson HS
Howard, David dhoward@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Howard, Kristi khoward@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fritsch ES
Howard, Lisa lhoward@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Empire ES
Howley, Teri thowley@carson.k12.nv.us CLS/Special Education Seeliger ES
Hughes, Janet jhughes@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Huntington, Irene ihuntington@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Empire ES
Hurzel, Linda lhurzel@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Hutchinson, Robin rhutchinson@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Empire ES
Hutson, Dawn dhutson@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fremont ES
Iaeger, Rebecca riaeger@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fremont ES
Ingram, Janet jingram@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Bordewich/Bray ES
Isaacs, Elizabeth lisaacs@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Student Support Services
Jacques, Nicolas njacques@carson.k12.nv.us Music Carson MS
Jensen, Amy ajensen@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Jensick, Alyssa ajensick@carson.k12.nv.us Art Carson MS
Jepsen, Mitchel mjepsen@carson.k12.nv.us Fleet & Equipment Maintenance Coordinator Transportation
Jimenez, Cecilia cjimenez@carson.k12.nv.us Head Custodian Fritsch ES
Johnson, David djohnson@carson.k12.nv.us Social Studies Pioneer High/OPP School
Johnson, Wilma wjohnson@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson MS
Johnston, Donna djohnston@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Johnston, Kendra kjohnston@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Empire ES
Jolly, Mary mjolly@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Jones, Frederick fjones@carson.k12.nv.us ROTC Carson HS
Jones, Gary gjones@carson.k12.nv.us Skilled Building Maintenance Operations
Jones, Robert rjones@carson.k12.nv.us Culinary Arts Prison Education System
Jordan, Cary cjordan@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson HS
Judd, Bonnie bjudd@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Fremont ES
Kaiser, Joanna jkaiser@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Mark Twain ES
Kaspar, Deborah dkaspar@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Katen, Colleen ckaten@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Mark Twain ES
Kato, Robin rkato@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Seeliger ES
Keel, Sandra skeel@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Keema, Susan skeema@carson.k12.nv.us Associate Superintendent - Educational Services Administration
Kelley, Sherri skelley@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Carson HS
Kennedy, Rochelle rkennedy@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Kersten, Margaret mkersten@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade English Carson MS
Kimber, Kyle kkimber@carson.k12.nv.us Music Fremont ES
Kind, Sharon skind@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Fremont ES
Kinder, Lucy lkinder@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Seeliger ES
King, Cory cking@carson.k12.nv.us Librarian Carson HS
King, Jason jking@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Fritsch ES
King, Linda lking@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Kingman, Jennifer jkingman@carson.k12.nv.us Home Economics Eagle Valley MS
Kleinfieldt, Jacqueline jkleinfieldt@carson.k12.nv.us Communications/PC Technician Administration
Klug, Karen kklug@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson MS
Koop, Jason jakoop@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Seeliger ES
Koop, Julie jkoop@carson.k12.nv.us Biology Carson HS
Korinek, Mark mkorinek@carson.k12.nv.us Manager - Operations Services Operations
Kortemeier, Curtis ckortemeier@carson.k12.nv.us Chemistry Carson HS
Kramer, Lisa lkramer@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Krebs, Denise dkrebs@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Mark Twain ES
Kuniya, Alisa akuniya@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Bordewich/Bray ES
Laack, Kerrie klaack@carson.k12.nv.us Reading Strategies Carson HS
Laca, Amanda alaca@carson.k12.nv.us 7th/8th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Lachew, Joshua jlachew@carson.k12.nv.us Inventory Specialist - Nutrition Operations
Lachew, William wlachew@carson.k12.nv.us Music Mark Twain ES
Lachman, Stephanie slachman@carson.k12.nv.us Psychologist Student Support Services
Lafoon, Roger rlafoon@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Larsen, Emily elarsen@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Empire ES
Larsen, Tory tlarsen@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Larson, Jessica jlarson@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Student Support Services
Lassaline, Bernadette blassaline@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Seeliger ES
Lathrop, Peter plathrop@carson.k12.nv.us Biology, Botany, Proficiency Science, Zoology Carson HS
Lauderdale, Jillian jlauderdale@carson.k12.nv.us Math Pioneer High/OPP School
Law, Mary mlaw@carson.k12.nv.us Music Seeliger ES
Lawson, Arlene alawson@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Fritsch ES
Lee, Travis tlee@carson.k12.nv.us SIP/Special Education Eagle Valley MS
Leiken, Pamela pleiken@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Mark Twain ES
Lemay, Elizabeth elemay@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Lemburg, Lisa llemburg@carson.k12.nv.us SFA Facilitator Seeliger ES
Lenhares, Anne alenhares@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Leonard, Cheryl cleonard@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant III Carson HS
Lewis, Jeremy jlewis@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade English Carson MS
Lewis, Michele mlewis@carson.k12.nv.us Dean of Students Carson HS
Ligon, Robert rligon@carson.k12.nv.us Head Custodian Eagle Valley MS
Link, Robin rlink@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten (All Day) Empire ES
Lion, Maria mlion@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Prison Education System
Lobsinger, Sarah slobsinger@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra II, Geometry Carson HS
Loflin, Miyoko mloflin@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Lomeli, Olivia olomeli@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Mark Twain ES
Longero, Jorja jlongero@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Longero, Marjorie mllongero@carson.k12.nv.us Home Economics Carson MS
Lopategui, Mikel mlopategui@carson.k12.nv.us Graphic Design, 3D Animation Carson HS
Lopes, Jeannette jlopes@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Carson MS
Lowe, David dlowe@carson.k12.nv.us CLS/Special Education Fremont ES
Lowther, Susan slowther@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Seeliger ES
Lucinian, Elizabeth elucinian@carson.k12.nv.us English Pioneer High/OPP School
Lujano Walker, Connie cwalker@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Seeliger ES
Luke, Michael mluke@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Luke, Vanessa vluke@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Substitute Transportation
Lyda, Janet jlyda@carson.k12.nv.us Administration Office Specialist Transportation
Lynn, Michele mlynn@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist Carson MS
Maaghop, Ricardo rmaaghop@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson MS
Macias, Vannesa vmacias@carson.k12.nv.us Para Pro - Bilingual Parent Engagement Coord. Eagle Valley MS
Mackinder, Steven smackinder@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Macy, Cheryl cmacy@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Intern Eagle Valley MS
Macy, Jason jmacy@carson.k12.nv.us English Carson HS
Madieros, Bonnie bmadieros@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Magdaleno, Ivan imagdaleno@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Magee, Gayle gmagee@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Maguire, Basilia bmaguire@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Maiello, Michael mmaiello@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Fremont ES
Malley, Michael mmalley@carson.k12.nv.us Art, Art Foundations Carson HS
Mandoki, Janice jmandoki@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Empire ES
Manning, Gaylea gmanning@carson.k12.nv.us Librarian Eagle Valley MS
Mannschreck, Christina cmannschreck@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra I & II, Geometry Carson HS
Manoukian, Bryan bmanoukian@carson.k12.nv.us Biology, Forensics Carson HS
Maples, Susan smaples@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Fritsch ES
March, Staci smarch@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten (All Day) Empire ES
Marcin, Lorretta lmarcin@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Empire ES
Mariani, Florindo fmariani@carson.k12.nv.us Director Adult Education/Prison Program Corbett Facility
Mariani, Shari smariani@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Carson HS
Mariskanish, Deborah dmariskanish@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fremont ES
Mariskanish, Stephanie smariskanish@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Fritsch ES
Marler, Theresa tmarler@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Martin, Barb bmartin@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Martin, Jacqueline jmmartin@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Intervention Specialist Bordewich/Bray ES
Martin, John jmartin@carson.k12.nv.us Art Foundations, Ceramics Carson HS
Mason, Paul pmason@carson.k12.nv.us Skilled Building Maintenance Operations
Mather, Ashley amather@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Fremont ES
Mathis, Cherie cmathis@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Eagle Valley MS
Mathis, Stephen mmathis@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Eagle Valley MS
Matzke, Janet jmatzke@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Substitute Transportation
Mauer, Gail gmauer@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Mauldin, Christine cmauldin@carson.k12.nv.us Library Media Technician Mark Twain ES
Maw, Robert rmaw@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Math, Pre Algebra Carson MS
Mayer, Debra dmayer@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Bordewich/Bray ES
Mazzo, Gabriel gmazzo@carson.k12.nv.us EH/Special Education Student Support Services
Mc Carthy, Timothy tmccarthy@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson HS
Mc Clurg, Darlene dmcclurg@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Mark Twain ES
Mc Connell, Wendy wmcconnell@carson.k12.nv.us Central Kitchen Manager Carson HS
Mc Cune, Jacqueline jmccune@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Fremont ES
Mc Dowell, Frances fmcdowell@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Mc Gowan, Lourdes lmcgowan@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Fritsch ES
Mc Henry, William wmchenry@carson.k12.nv.us Proficiency Math, Practical Math Carson HS
Mc Ilwee, Liza lmcilwee@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Mc Kee, Paul pmckee@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Mc Mullan, Pamela pmcmullan@carson.k12.nv.us Social Studies Pioneer High/OPP School
Mc Nutt, Ron rmcnutt@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Mc Omber, Christy cmcomber@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Mc Peters, Georgann gmcpeters@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Carson MS
Mc Quay, Tracy tmcquay@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Mark Twain ES
Mead, Debra dmead@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Seeliger ES
Medeiros, Nicole nmedeiros@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Medeiros, Raymond rmedeiros@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Network Support Tech Administration
Medina, Abel amedina@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Eagle Valley MS
Medina, Ricky rmedina@carson.k12.nv.us Director of Accountability and Assessment Administration
Mejia, Gloria gmejia@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Carson HS
Mendeguia, Carlos cmendeguia@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Carson HS
Mendeguia, Hilary hmendeguia@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade English Carson MS
Mercier, Ruth rmercier@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Substitute Transportation
Meservey, Mary ellen mmeservey@carson.k12.nv.us Inst Asst IV for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Carson HS
Midboe, Valentina vmidboe@carson.k12.nv.us Adaptive Physical Education, Health Student Support Services
Miller, Gary gmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Head Custodian Empire ES
Miller, Hollie hmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Empire ES
Miller, Kolleen kmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson HS
Miller, Pamela pmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Bordewich/Bray ES
Miller, Sandra sgmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Miller, Sara sfmiller@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Student Support Services
Miller, Sharon smiller@carson.k12.nv.us English, Creative Writing Carson HS
Milstead, Maurice mmilstead@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Minifie, Jennifer jminifie@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Carson HS
Mital, David dmital@carson.k12.nv.us Chemistry Carson HS
Mobley, Julie jmobley@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Empire ES
Mobley, Patrick pmobley@carson.k12.nv.us US & World History, Speech & Debate Carson HS
Moey, Cecilia cmoey@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Mark Twain ES
Molleson, Phillip pmolleson@carson.k12.nv.us Head Custodian Mark Twain ES
Mondragon, Teresa tmondragon@carson.k12.nv.us SC/Special Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Moniz, Tammie tmoniz@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Seeliger ES
Monroe, Shelley smonroe@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fritsch ES
Montes, Celida cmontes@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Moreland, Ruth rmoreland@carson.k12.nv.us French Carson HS
Moreno, Estela emoreno@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Fremont ES
Morgan, Matthew mmorgan@carson.k12.nv.us US History Carson HS
Morris, Leann lmorris@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Tech Implementation Specialist PDC
Morrison, Gary gmorrison@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Eagle Valley MS
Morrow, Marisa mmorrow@carson.k12.nv.us Spanish Carson HS
Mortensen, Michael mmortensen@carson.k12.nv.us Skilled Building Maintenance Carson HS
Myrehn, Ralph rmyrehn@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Math Eagle Valley MS
Nagel, Graciela gnagel@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Mark Twain ES
Neel, Rachel rneel@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Nerska, Chris cnerska@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Social Studies Eagle Valley MS
Nichols, Marsha mnichols@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist PDC
Nichols, Pennie pnichols@carson.k12.nv.us RTI/IC Liaison Student Support Services
Nielsen, Devin dnielsen@carson.k12.nv.us US & World History Carson HS
Nielsen, Toni tnielsen@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Empire ES
Obrien, C j cobrien@carson.k12.nv.us ESL, Spanish Carson MS
Ochoa, Maria mochoa@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson MS
Odegard, Kirsten kodegard@carson.k12.nv.us WNRTP Instructor PDC
Oden, Amie aoden@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fremont ES
Omeara, Kathleen komeara@carson.k12.nv.us Visual Impairments Student Support Services
Omohundro, Gail gomohundro@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - Title I Empire ES
Oneil, Kathleen koneil@carson.k12.nv.us Library Media Technician Fritsch ES
Orbas, Sallie sorbas@carson.k12.nv.us 7th/8th Grade Math Eagle Valley MS
Ordaz, Teresa tordaz@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Fremont ES
Ostrander, Steven sostrander@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian II Bordewich/Bray ES
Ouellette, Keith kouellette@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian II Carson MS
Ovard, Rachel rovard@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fremont ES
Owen, Daniel dowen@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Seeliger ES
Owens, Carol cowens@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Fremont ES
Page, Alicia apage@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Student Support Services
Page, Jackie jpage@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Science Eagle Valley MS
Palmer, Jennifer jpalmer@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson HS
Palmer, Jesse jlpalmer@carson.k12.nv.us Inst Asst IV for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Carson HS
Parent, Terry tparent@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Science Carson MS
Parker, Marina mparker@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Carson MS
Parmenter, Jeanne jparmenter@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Empire ES
Parmenter, Paul rparmenter@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Seeliger ES
Parsons, Gail gparsons@carson.k12.nv.us Office Manager Seeliger ES
Paulson, John jpaulson@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade US History Carson MS
Pauly, Amelia apauly@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Substitute Transportation
Pavlik, Jennifer jpavlik@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Seeliger ES
Perez, Silvia sperez@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Corbett Facility
Peri, Deanne dperi@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary II Administration
Perl, Lorrie lperl@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Perry, Robert rperry@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Math Eagle Valley MS
Peterson, Richard rpeterson@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Peterson, Susan speterson@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Peton, Linda lpeton@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant III Carson HS
Peton, Terry tpeton@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson HS
Phelan, Kathy kphelan@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Corbett Facility
Picton, Victoria vpicton@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Pier, Nancy npier@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Pike, James jpike@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Pitlock, Joanne jpitlock@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant IV Seeliger ES
Ply, Kevin kply@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Eagle Valley MS
Porath, Gloria gporath@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Eagle Valley MS
Poss, James jposs@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson HS
Powers, David dpowers@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian II Eagle Valley MS
Powers, Jerri japowers@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Powers, Joellen jpowers@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Carson MS
Pradere, Nancy npradere@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Fritsch ES
Pradere, Steven spradere@carson.k12.nv.us Grants/Special Project Manager Administration
Prado, Blanca bprado@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Eagle Valley MS
Prause, Rhoda bprause@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Inst & Curr Map Coach - Writing PDC
Preston, Bonnie bpreston@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Health Eagle Valley MS
Province, Anna aprovince@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra II, Proficiency Math Carson HS
Prudhomme, Amanda aprudhomme@carson.k12.nv.us Human Resources Analyst Administration
Pryor, Kari kpryor@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Implementation Specialist Eagle Valley MS
Purinton, Tara tpurinton@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Fremont ES
Putt, Karen kputt@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Bordewich/Bray ES
Putzer, Ashley aputzer@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Putzer, Lynette lputzer@carson.k12.nv.us Office Manager Fritsch ES
Quilling, Shane squilling@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education, Health Carson HS
Quinn Davis, Patricia pquinn-davis@carson.k12.nv.us American Literature, Journalism Carson HS
Quintero, Elizabeth equintero@carson.k12.nv.us Human Resources Clerk Specialist Administration
Quisenberry, Sarah squisenberry@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fremont ES
Raab, Jana jraab@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fritsch ES
Randall, Cindi crandall@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Mark Twain ES
Randall, Shelly srandall@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab, Multi Media Carson MS
Randle, Karin krandle@carson.k12.nv.us ESL, Computer Prison Education System
Rangel, Maria mcortez@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist Eagle Valley MS
Rauch, Lana lrauch@carson.k12.nv.us RN Seeliger ES
Ravenelle, Sharon sravenelle@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson MS
Redmon, Laura lredmon@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten Fremont ES
Redwine, Naomi nredwine@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Eagle Valley MS
Reed, Carol creed@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Reed, Susan sreed@carson.k12.nv.us Science Pioneer High/OPP School
Reeder Gould, Karen kgould@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Seeliger ES
Reeder, Melanie mreeder@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Reedy, Brian breedy@carson.k12.nv.us Digital Photo Carson HS
Reedy, Lily lreedy@carson.k12.nv.us Library Media Clerk/Sr. Project Coord. Carson HS
Reichelt, Elizabeth ereichelt@carson.k12.nv.us EH/Special Education Seeliger ES
Reid, Julie jreid@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Eagle Valley MS
Reimann, Lorena lreimann@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Seeliger ES
Reinhardt, Adrienne areinhardt@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade English Carson MS
Reinhardt, Danielle dreinhardt@carson.k12.nv.us Office Manager Bordewich/Bray ES
Reyes, Cynthia creyes@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Seeliger ES
Reynolds, Eva ereynolds@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Reynolds, Maria mreynolds@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Eagle Valley MS
Reynolds, Penny preynolds@carson.k12.nv.us Culinary Arts Carson HS
Rhoads, Ronald rrhoads@carson.k12.nv.us English Pioneer High/OPP School
Richetta, Cheryl crichetta@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Mark Twain ES
Riedl, Cynthia criedl@carson.k12.nv.us Early Childhood Student Support Services
Rios Ventura, Alberto arios@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Corbett Facility
Risner, Theresa trisner@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Seeliger ES
Rispin, Jeffrey jrispin@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra I & II Carson HS
Rispin, Marjorie mrispin@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Science Carson MS
Ritter, Rebecca britter@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Eagle Valley MS
Rizo, Evelyn erizo@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Fremont ES
Rizo, Luis lrizo@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Roberts, Aysia aroberts@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Algebra Eagle Valley MS
Robertson, Rosanna rrobertson@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Seeliger ES
Robinson, Amy arobinson@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Science Carson MS
Robinson, Brooks brobinson@carson.k12.nv.us GED, Math, Psychology, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing Prison Education System
Robinson, Judith jrobinson@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson MS
Robison, Deborah drobison@carson.k12.nv.us English, ESL Prison Education System
Rodina, Marc mrodina@carson.k12.nv.us Dean of Students Carson HS
Rodina, Rebecca rrodina@carson.k12.nv.us English Carson HS
Rodriguez, Karla krodriguez@carson.k12.nv.us Reading Carson MS
Rodriguez, Patricia prodriguez@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Prison Education System
Rodriguez, Yolanda yrodriguez@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Carson MS
Rogers Mac Cabe, Debora drogers@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Literacy Carson HS
Rollins, Shiree srollins@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Carson HS
Roman, Blair broman@carson.k12.nv.us US & World History Carson HS
Romanowitz, Carole cromanowitz@carson.k12.nv.us Art, Physical Education Carson MS
Romero, Regina gromero@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Carson MS
Rose, William brose@carson.k12.nv.us Mail Delivery Driver Operations
Rose Monet, Kathy kmonet@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary Eagle Valley MS
Roseleip, Cort croseleip@carson.k12.nv.us Biology, Environmental Science Carson HS
Ross, Robin rross@carson.k12.nv.us SFA Facilitator Fremont ES
Rotter, James jrotter@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Pioneer High/OPP School
Rough, Corazon crough@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Rubke, Elizabeth erubke@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I - PreK Empire ES
Ruf, Candi cruf@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Ruff, Carol cruff@carson.k12.nv.us Transitional Employment Specialist Carson HS
Ruggeri, Catherine cruggeri@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Student Support Services
Ruggeri, Jeffery jruggeri@carson.k12.nv.us Head Custodian Seeliger ES
Ruiz, Robert rruiz@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson MS
Ryan, Catherine cryan@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Mark Twain ES
Sadler, Daniel dsadler@carson.k12.nv.us Principal Carson MS
Sakelarios, Frank fsakelarios@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education, Health Carson HS
Salazar, Jose jsalazar@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Bordewich/Bray ES
Samples, Martha msamples@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Samson, Jeffrey jsamson@carson.k12.nv.us Metal Shop Carson MS
Sanchez, Orlando osanchez@carson.k12.nv.us Lead School Safety Officer Carson HS
Sandahl, William wsandahl@carson.k12.nv.us Accounting Manager Administration
Santillo, Samuel ssantillo@carson.k12.nv.us Medicaid/Community Services Administrator Student Support Services
Santos, Kim ksantos@carson.k12.nv.us Account Clerk III Carson HS
Santos, Lorey lsantos@carson.k12.nv.us Early Childhood Student Support Services
Sarge, Jill jsarge@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Disabled Students Transportation
Saunders, Howard dsaunders@carson.k12.nv.us Utility Custodian Carson HS
Saunders, Tina tsaunders@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Mark Twain ES
Sausedo, Doug dsausedo@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Mark Twain ES
Sawyers, Mary msawyers@carson.k12.nv.us Office Manager Mark Twain ES
Schadeck, Trina tschadeck@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Eagle Valley MS
Scheele Brown, Minka mbrown@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade English Carson MS
Schilling, Christine cschilling@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fritsch ES
Schlachta, Wayne wschlachta@carson.k12.nv.us Skilled Building Maintenance Operations
Schmid, Christi cschmid@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Mark Twain ES
Schnaible, Shannon sschnaible@carson.k12.nv.us Art Eagle Valley MS
Schnaible, Zachary zschnaible@carson.k12.nv.us American Government, US History Carson HS
Schneider, Adrienne aschneider@carson.k12.nv.us Oceanography, Proficiency Science Carson HS
Schneider, Lisa lschneider@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Bordewich/Bray ES
Schneider, Shawn sschneider@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Schofield, Maria mschofield@carson.k12.nv.us Geometry Carson HS
Schuette, Lisa lschuette@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade CTE, 8th Grade Health Carson MS
Schwartz, Jill jschwartz@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Mark Twain ES
Seals, Burlinda bseals@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Seeberg, Carl cseeberg@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Eagle Valley MS
Segura, Daniel dsegura@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Seeliger ES
Servin, Leticia lservin@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional Home Advocate Carson HS
Shaffer, Karen klshaffer@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Fremont ES
Shaffer, Keith kshaffer@carson.k12.nv.us Project Manager Administration
Shank, Pamela pshank@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Fremont ES
Sharp, Dona dsharp@carson.k12.nv.us SC/Special Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Sharp, Katherine ksharp@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Sharp, Neil nsharp@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Sheets, Laurie lsheets@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Carson HS
Sheltra, Deborah dsheltra@carson.k12.nv.us Reading Eagle Valley MS
Shepherd, Kimberly kshepherd@carson.k12.nv.us Adaptive Physical Education Student Support Services
Shine, Lori lshine@carson.k12.nv.us English Carson HS
Shirley, Charles cshirley@carson.k12.nv.us Welding Carson HS
Short, Gregory gshort@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
Short, Patricia pshort@carson.k12.nv.us Cafeteria Manager Fritsch ES
Silva, David dsilva@carson.k12.nv.us Inventory Specialist II Operations
Silvestro, Janet jsilvestro@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Student Support Services
Simmons, Alison asimmons@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fremont ES
Simms, Karen ksimms@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Principal Eagle Valley MS
Sims, Carla csims@carson.k12.nv.us Music Fritsch ES
Singleton, Beverly bsingleton@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Fritsch ES
Sliger, Debra dsliger@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson HS
Smiley, Gordon gsmiley@carson.k12.nv.us Warehouse Specialist - Material Services Operations
Smith, Cassandra csmith@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Seeliger ES
Smith, Jeremy jsmith@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Smith, Karen kasmith@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver/Substitute Transportation
Smith, Kristopher kmsmith@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Smith, Mary ksmith@carson.k12.nv.us Systems Administrator & Security Officer Administration
Snelling, Terry tsnelling@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Empire ES
Soderstrom, Kellie ksoderstrom@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Fritsch ES
Sollberger, Lavon lsollberger@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Fritsch ES
Sonnemaker, James asonnemaker@carson.k12.nv.us Musical Theatre, Choir Carson HS
Sorum, Jarod jsorum@carson.k12.nv.us Band, Music Carson HS
Sousa, Duane dsousa@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Fritsch ES
Spencer, Dale dspencer@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Groundskeeper Operations
Spohr, Jennifer jspohr@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Seeliger ES
Spotts, Jacqueline jspotts@carson.k12.nv.us English, Rhetoric Carson HS
Sprague, Kali ksprague@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Bordewich/Bray ES
Spriggs, Gregory gspriggs@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade English Eagle Valley MS
Sproull, Jane jsproull@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Empire ES
Squires, Susan ssquires@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Principal Bordewich/Bray ES
Stagliano, Heather hstagliano@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Seeliger ES
Stanley, Mary mstanley@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Science Carson MS
Starratt, Jane jstarratt@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson HS
Steel, Jill jsteel@carson.k12.nv.us 5th Grade Seeliger ES
Steinle, Fred fsteinle@carson.k12.nv.us Psychology Carson HS
Stephenson, Patricia tstephenson@carson.k12.nv.us Administration Office Specialist Carson HS
Stewart, John jstewart@carson.k12.nv.us English Prison Education System
Stieber, Christine cstieber@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Fritsch ES
Stillwell, Margaret mstillwell@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Mark Twain ES
Stilwell, Nancy nstilwell@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Student Support Services
Stocke Koop, Lisa lstockekoop@carson.k12.nv.us STEM/Smart Lab/Technology Eagle Valley MS
Stockle, David dstockle@carson.k12.nv.us Inventory Specialist II Operations
Stokes, Richard rstokes@carson.k12.nv.us Superintendent Administration
Story, Sheila sstory@carson.k12.nv.us RN Carson HS
Stucki, Nena nstucki@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten (All Day) Empire ES
Summers, Charlene csummers@carson.k12.nv.us CLS/Special Education Eagle Valley MS
Sumner, Kenneth ksumner@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Carson MS
Sweetland, Margaret psweet@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Special Projects Coordinator PDC
Swift, Mary mswift@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson MS
Sylva, Debbie dsylva@carson.k12.nv.us Instructional Assistant IV Carson HS
Tackitt, Johanna jtackitt@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Empire ES
Tadjieva, Natalie ntadjieva@carson.k12.nv.us Psychologist Student Support Services
Talhelm, Stacee stalhelm@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Social Studies Eagle Valley MS
Taplin, James jtaplin@carson.k12.nv.us CLS/Special Education Carson HS
Tartan, Jennifer jtartan@carson.k12.nv.us Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry Carson HS
Tavera, Maria mtavera@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL Fritsch ES
Taylor, Kathleen ktaylor@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Office Specialist II Carson HS
Teeter, Theresa tteeter@carson.k12.nv.us Cafeteria Manager Empire ES
Teeter, Winnford wteeter@carson.k12.nv.us Custodian Eagle Valley MS
Telles, Vivian vtelles@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Eagle Valley MS
Telling, Christy ctelling@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Seeliger ES
Terry, Laurel lterry@carson.k12.nv.us PDC Administrator PDC
Test, John jtest@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Math Carson MS
Thomas Steele, Sandra sthomas@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Seeliger ES
Thoms, Steven sthoms@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Network Support Tech Administration
Thornburg, Emily ethornburg@carson.k12.nv.us Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry Carson HS
Thornburg, Peter pthornburg@carson.k12.nv.us English Carson HS
Thornley, Wendy wthornley@carson.k12.nv.us Office Specialist Bordewich/Bray ES
Tichenor, Lawrence lwtichenor@carson.k12.nv.us Autism/Special Education Carson MS
Tijerina, Triana ttijerina@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL - Title I Bordewich/Bray ES
Timmons, David dtimmons@carson.k12.nv.us Senior Groundskeeper Carson HS
Tims, Wendy wtims@carson.k12.nv.us CLS/Special Education Carson HS
Tiscareno, Andrew atiscareno@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Social Studies Eagle Valley MS
Tobin, John ptobin@carson.k12.nv.us English, Rhetoric Carson HS
Todarello, Deborah dtodarello@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Attendant/Disabled Students Transportation
Todd, Hyoun htodd@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Mark Twain ES
Toniatti, Edward etoniatti@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Empire ES
Torres, Elaine etorres@carson.k12.nv.us Inst Asst III for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Eagle Valley MS
Torres, Miriam mtorres@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional Home Advocate Empire ES
Tryon, Elizabeth etryon@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Mark Twain ES
Tucker, Lauren ltucker@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Empire ES
Tuecke, Barbara btuecke@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Eagle Valley MS
Tun, Ruby rtun@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Science Eagle Valley MS
Turley, Anthony aturley@carson.k12.nv.us Director of Fiscal Services Administration
Turner, Patrick pturner@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Empire ES
Tuttle, Jon jtuttle@carson.k12.nv.us Discovery Science Carson HS
Twichell, Karen ktwichell@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fremont ES
Tyrrell, Vickie vtyrrell@carson.k12.nv.us Attendance Office Specialist Carson MS
Ulrich, Ann aulrich@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional I Bordewich/Bray ES
Urrutia, Erin eurrutia@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Pioneer High/OPP School
Valdespino, Patricia pvaldespino@carson.k12.nv.us Librarian Fremont ES
Valentine, Cherie
 DHH/Special Education  Student Support Services
Valley, Briana bvalley@carson.k12.nv.us Music Carson MS
Valley, John jvalley@carson.k12.nv.us Chemistry, Discovery Science Carson HS
Valley, Laura lvalley@carson.k12.nv.us Physical Education Fritsch ES
Van Peursem, Melissa mvanpeursem@carson.k12.nv.us ESL Bordewich/Bray ES
Varner, Nancy nvarner@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Bordewich/Bray ES
Vega, Maria mvega@carson.k12.nv.us Office Manager Fremont ES
Vega, Socorro svega@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Seeliger ES
Vickrey, Scott svickrey@carson.k12.nv.us Anatomy, Proficiency Science Carson HS
Wade, Dale dwade@carson.k12.nv.us Lead Custodian I Fritsch ES
Walker, Michael mwalker@carson.k12.nv.us Dean of Students Carson MS
Wallace, Brian bwallace@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade Social Studies Eagle Valley MS
Walling, Amber awalling@carson.k12.nv.us  LD/Special Education Fremont ES
Walt, Kyle kwalt@carson.k12.nv.us  Auto Tech, Government, Health, History Prison Education System
Walther, Tricia twalther@carson.k12.nv.us 3rd Grade Seeliger ES
Waltz, Brian bwaltz@carson.k12.nv.us Communications/PC Technician Administration
Waltz, Irene iwaltz@carson.k12.nv.us Computer Lab Fritsch ES
Ward Dejoseph, Jennifer jward@carson.k12.nv.us TOSA/Implementation Specialist Eagle Valley MS
Ward, Gavin gward@carson.k12.nv.us Assistant Principal Carson MS
Wayne, Karen kwayne@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker Carson HS
Weaver, Mary anne maweaver@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra II, American Sign Language Carson HS
Weaver, Monica mweaver@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson HS
Week, Timothy tweek@carson.k12.nv.us Cook/Baker II Carson HS
Weidemann, Muriel mweidemann@carson.k12.nv.us Librarian Empire ES
Weiler, Marcene mweiler@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Pioneer High/OPP School
Welden, Patricia pwelden@carson.k12.nv.us Pre K Empire ES
Wertjes, Mary mwertjes@carson.k12.nv.us 4th Grade Fritsch ES
Wertz, Kristyanne kwertz@carson.k12.nv.us 1st Grade Fritsch ES
Wexler, Kathi kwexler@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Fremont ES
Whatley, Adam awhatley@carson.k12.nv.us Rhetoric, Computer Lit Carson HS
Whisler, Douglas dwhisler@carson.k12.nv.us 8th Grade US History Carson MS
Whisler, Kim kwhisler@carson.k12.nv.us 6th Grade Social Studies Carson MS
Whitcome, Christine cwhitcome@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Science Eagle Valley MS
White, Chelsea cwhite@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Eagle Valley MS
White, Gregg gwhite@carson.k12.nv.us Proficiency Math, Math, Science Prison Education System
White, Heidi hwhite@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Seeliger ES
White, Jeff jwhite@carson.k12.nv.us Bus Driver Transportation
White, Pamela pwhite@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson HS
White, Tamara twhite@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson HS
Wildblood, Kellie kwildblood@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Carson MS
Wilkins, Hal hwilkins@carson.k12.nv.us Algebra I & II Carson HS
Willden, Taya twillden@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Student Support Services
Wille, Christine cwille@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Empire ES
Williams, Ann aewilliams@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Fremont ES
Williams, Evelyn ewilliams@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Empire ES
Wilson Gustafson, Kelly kgustafson@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Carson HS
Wilson, Laurel liwilson@carson.k12.nv.us SIP/Special Education Empire ES
Wilson, Loretta lmwilson@carson.k12.nv.us EMT Empire ES
Wilson, Maria mewilson@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional - ESL - Title I Mark Twain ES
Wilson, Mark mwilson@carson.k12.nv.us Health Science Carson MS
Wilson, Terili twilson@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional IV Student Support Services
Winder, Christine cwinder@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Carson HS
Winnicki, Kristin kwinnicki@carson.k12.nv.us Speech Therapist Bordewich/Bray ES
Wold, Trisha twold@carson.k12.nv.us 2nd Grade Mark Twain ES
Wood, Brooke bwood@carson.k12.nv.us Kindergarten/3rd Grade Combo Bordewich/Bray ES
Wood, Natalie nwood@carson.k12.nv.us Administrative Secretary II Administration
Wyke, Lori lwyke@carson.k12.nv.us Account Technician Administration
Yankoskie, Joseph jyankoskie@carson.k12.nv.us 7th Grade Science Carson MS
Yao, Kathy kyao@carson.k12.nv.us Spanish, French Carson HS
Young, Alison ayoung@carson.k12.nv.us Counselor Carson MS
Zabelsky, Leslie lzabelsky@carson.k12.nv.us Para Professional III Carson MS
Zacharias, Sonia szacharias@carson.k12.nv.us LD/Special Education Carson MS
Zahtilla, Isabel izahtilla@carson.k12.nv.us  Para Professional IV Carson HS
Zernial, Susan szernial@carson.k12.nv.us  Librarian Bordewich/Bray ES
Zink, Susan szink@carson.k12.nv.us  LD/Special Education Mark Twain ES
Zona, Jason jzona@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Pioneer High/OPP School
Zona, Paula pzona@carson.k12.nv.us  Principal Seeliger ES
Zuber, Kathy kzuber@carson.k12.nv.us  4th Grade Bordewich/Bray ES

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