Mission Statement
 "In partnership with the community, we will make the most of every day for every student by empowering them with the skills, knowledge, values and opportunities to thrive."

  -- Mr. Richard Stokes, Superintendent

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Educational Services

Educational Services

The mission of the Educational Services Department is to facilitate the improvement of academic achievement for all students

Contact Information

Educational Services Department
1402 West King Street, Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: (775) 283-2110
Fax: (775) 283-2092

Susan Keema, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services



  Ricky Medina, Ph.D., Director of Assessment and Accountability

  Gina Heinz-Administrative Secretary

  Susie Harrington-Administrative Secretary II



Continue to improve curriculum alignment



  • Implement basic skill development programs for elementary, middle and high school in math, reading, science and social studies. 

  • Monitor and adjust curriculum maps yearly in all areas to ensure alignment with District and State Standards.

Coordinate professional development efforts District-Wide


  • Focus professional development offerings to meet staff development needs to improve content knowledge, methods and management, technology and standards-based instruction.
  • Offer in-service support to all schools for the implementation of strategies and programs which are included in School Improvement Plans.

Expand the utilization of test data


  • Review and evaluate State Assessment Data.

  • Utilize pre and post Measured Academic Progress (MAP) data to chart student academic growth in math and English Language Arts.


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