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 "In partnership with the community, we will make the most of every day for every student by empowering them with the skills, knowledge, values and opportunities to thrive."

  -- Mr. Richard Stokes, Superintendent

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Bidding Opportunity
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Invitation to bid:
    CCSD Student Enrollment Registration Verification Online System
    CCSD13-SERVOS Questions and answers #1
Bid Results:
    CCSD Classroom Instructional (
Art)/Office Supplies/Classroom Paper
           CCSD#13ISOS/CP Bid Tabulation

Purchasing Department

To ensure the success of Carson City School District and all our customers' missions by providing access to strategic aquisitions, outstanding customer/operational services and material management guidance, while maintaining public trust."

* If you will be submitting a bid, please make sure a Vendor Application is also attached to bid package if you are not currently a CCSD vendor.

To receive a copy of the bid recap, you must send a self address stamped envelope with bid package or you may contact Carol Akers to receive it via email.

Contact Information, Purchasing
*****Operations Service Center******

Richmond & Telegraph St. CC, NV 89703
Phone: (775) 283-2175
Fax: (775) 283-2191

Mark Korinek, Mgr. 283-2181                             Purchasing/Contracts

Carol Akers - 283-2172                                     Admin. and Procurement            

Email: cakers@carson.k12.nv.us


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